• Assessment and correction of Muscle imbalances
  • Training periodisation to develop specific sport skills
  • Specific return-to-sport sessions after injury
  • Screening test to prevent injuries
  • Strength and conditioning improvement focused in speed and power

Types of conditions I specialize in:

  • Knees & lower limbs injuries
  • Running Analysis
  • Posture Re-education & Training
  • Corrective exercise prescription for incorrect movement patterns & imbalances
  • Sport specific strength and conditioning

Yohann graduated from Paul Bernard Lyon 1 with a Masters of Science in Strength & Conditioning, Return-to-Sport following injury & Mental training. He also graduated from Paul Sabatier University respectively with a Bachelors of Science in High-Performance Training & another Bachelor of Science in Sports Wellbeing.
Yohann has worked in a paramedical sports center & worked with professional athletes in rugby, soccer, handball, basketball & athletics in collaboration with surgeons, doctors, physiotherapists and strength & conditioning coaches in FRANCE & UK. He has acquired strong skills in the management of injured athletes’ return-to-sport and for injury prevention by assessing muscle imbalances & mobility dysfunctions. Yohann himself is an athlete who played football for 15 years & after several ankle injuries, he reinvented himself as a long-distance mountaineering & trail running athlete. Yohann loves all sports stating he is always ready for a match or run, addicted to nature & travel, and speaks English, French & Spanish.

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