Sports Therapy

Our therapists apply a form of massage medically known as myofascial release. We approach pain by analyzing bone structure, joint function, muscle movement and connective tissue structure. Our massage techniques range from lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and flushing for recovery, sports and performance massage, active release technique, trigger point therapy, pregnancy massage and many more.

Usually, a patient is assessed before deciding which type of treatment is more efficient and in conjunction with other therapies, a medical massage is extremely efficient in pain management and prevention. Many of our patients seek regular treatments to improve quality of life and performance in a sport.

Most doctors and therapists underestimate and overlook the  importance of connective tissue health and prescribe medication to mask the symptoms of pain. Manual therapy has been proven with evidence based research to be more effective in the short and long term for bio-mechanical change, trumping any machine or device.

Ask your therapist about the type of massage therapy you can use for your condition.

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